You are currently viewing Lancome La Vie Est Belle: A Fragrance That Captivates

Lancome La Vie Est Belle: A Fragrance That Captivates

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle: A Fragrance That Captivates

Eau de perfume or eau de optimism? Lancôme’s La Vie Est Belle comes with an entire marketing philosophy behind it. Promoted with the tag line ‘Live the dream’, this fruity-floral fragrance ushered in a new art of smileage – that’s perfume marketing speak for the art of selling smiles. Clear to see is the fact that its ‘smile in a bottle’ formula, launched in 2012, made such an impact on women and men around the world (it proudly ranks first for all-time sales in the fragrance category on US website that it became an immediate modern fragrance classic. The following blog looks into the femme-fatale alchemy of La Vie Est Belle, from its genesis right through to the outside impact it has had on the fragrance industry and the lives of those who wear it.

The Birth of La Vie Est Belle

Lancome La Vie Est Belle

The perfume literally means ‘life is beautiful’; it feels like it does too. At Lancôme, it was always our ambition that La Vie Est Belle would provide a new philosophy to every woman’s life: a manifesto of beauty, gentleness and happiness. So designing it was the task of three of France’s leading perfumers; the triumvirate of Olivier Polge, Dominique Ropion and Anne Flipo. They wanted the non-freezing of the scent to replicate a light, boisterous guffaw, and it took them three years and 5,000 versions to get it right.

The Composition of the Fragrance

Lancome La Vie Est Belle

What makes La Vie Est Belle special is its seemingly simple sophistication. ‘The iris pallida of Florence’ – with its delightfully challenging linguistic clumsiness – is not an accord but the entirety of the fragrance, the heart and soul of it. The juice opens with juice, almost, juicy pear and blackberry, leading to that central iris with its ‘silky, soft, velvety’ harmony, pillowy with orange blossoms and jasmine. It finishes on a dark, dense forest floor of patchouli essence, its earthy anchoring an ethereal sweetness.

Here, the choice of notes is meticulous with mathematical precision, reflecting a concern for quality and a nod to the tradition of French perfumery as well as a new, minimalist aesthetic, creating a many-nuanced perfume moving seamlessly from fresh and sparkling to dark and chic.

The Iconic Bottle

Lancome La Vie Est Belle

Courtesy CHANEL The La ViE Est Belle bottle is shaped upon a model by Georges Delhomme in 1949, reprising his teaching in perfumery arts. The contours of the bottle are a smile that opens up to be round, like a cup that holds the fragrance. ‘It’s a crystal smile,’ Audisio explains. ‘Elegant, happy, elusive. It releases smiles when held in the hands. The ribbon on the neck is ear candy. The ribbon, made from grey organza, was chosen for a reason: its weight. Real happiness and freedom don’t weigh. They free the spirit.

Cultural and Commercial Impact

Lancome La Vie Est Belle

Since its launch, La Vie Est Belle has been among the best-selling fragrances for Lancôme, and makes the list of the world’s top-10 perfume sellers year after year. This demonstrates its appeal on a global scale and the exemplary power of telling consumers, in commercial terms, that life is beautiful. It is a fragrance made commercially cool in the hands of the radiant and smiling Julia Roberts.

Personal Experiences and Reviews

Lancome La Vie Est Belle

Most of them describe La Vie Est Belle as their ‘go-to’ scent to wear on different occasions, whether it’s to the mall or a fancier little black-dress night out. The versatility of the perfume is one of its most popular features – despite being worn in all kinds of settings, it can impart sophistication and glee without fail. Another much-stressed quality is its longevity; many users agree that the perfume lasts the full day and doesn’t irritate the skin.


Lancome La Vie Est Belle

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle is more than a fragrance: it’s a philosophy in a bottle. By embedding a message of beauty, of happiness and a light and clear sense of joy, it invites its wearers to put it into their daily life, to celebrate themselves. Lancôme La Vie Est Belle was an instant success but far from being a fad; it set a benchmark in high-end perfumery in terms of the clever interaction of natural and synthetic materials in its composition, the modern and sophisticated distribution of its signature floral jasmine accord in the fragrance structure, and the classy and eye-catching bottle and box. But it was rather the embodiment of the perfume’s name and positive message and its ability to become one of the latest high-end signatures of luxury and freedom that definitely helped to crack an entirely new universe for Lancôme. The spirit of La Vie Est Belle remains very much alive, with any number of copycats and spinoffs, leaving a strong note in the air: beauty is life, and life can be beautiful.

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