You are currently viewing Like men themselves, cologne for men, isn’t just a fashion accessory worn on a man

Like men themselves, cologne for men, isn’t just a fashion accessory worn on a man

Cologne for men; more than a fashion accessory

cologne for men

It’s a statement made by him, an indelible trail he leaves when he leaves the room. For the cologne to venture into the world and survive is for the man to join it. This practical guide to cologne is designed to help men find the best kind for their taste, to discern it well, and to apply it correctly in order to augment their personal style.

Understanding Cologne


Known by other names such as perfume and fragrance, cologne is, by convention, the gentler male version, with a lighter oil concentration than perfume and thus associated with more subtle daily wear. In today’s offering though, you’ll find cologne that can be as mild or intense – both long lasting and short lasting – as its female cousins.

The Structure of Fragrance

cologne for men

Fragrances are mixtures of top, middle and base notes. The top notes are the first smells you pick up on, and give the first impression, but they fade quickly. Common top notes include citrus notes (orange, lemon and bergamot) and herbal notes (like basil). The middle notes (sometimes called the heart notes), come through as the top notes fade, and are generally more mellow notes. Most often, these are either floral or spicy notes like jasmine or cinnamon. The base notes are what leaves a lasting impression, because they give underpinning to the fragrance, with deeper and richer notes such as sandalwood and vanilla.

Understanding these layers is fundamental to identifying a cologne that will become more interesting once it has settled, rather than one that will hit you hard and fast at first spritz.

Choosing Your Cologne

cologne for men

Choosing a cologne can be intimidating: there are so many available. Here are some tips to help you make your selection.

Know Your Scents

Find out which types of fragrance you’re attracted to – are you invigorated by the bright citrus zing, or do earthy mosses and leathers sway your sensory windmills? This can be all you need to hone down your choices.

Consider the Occasion

cologne for men

Colognes should be selected with regard to their setting and purpose: generally speaking, lemony-floral fragrances work best for daywear or the office; if evenings, dinner parties, or formal events are more in line with your plans, a stronger, spicier extrait might be the way to go.

Test It Out

cologne for men

Marks Spray no more than three times. Don’t buy a cologne on the first sniff. The smell will clash with your skin chemistry so what seems awesome in the bottle won’t work for you. Rub some on the back of your hand and wait a few hours to see how it unfolds.

Applying Cologne

cologne for men

Knowing how to apply cologne is as important as choosing the right one. Here’s how to do it:

Less Is More

Cologne should be discovered, not announced. A dab on the pulse points – the wrists, neck and the back of the ears – is enough for most people: these are the parts of the body that generate heat, which is what will help broadcast the scent.

Don’t Rub It In

cologne for men


Rubbing cologne deeply into your skin, contrary to the usual male practice, will very likely tear the molecules apart and change the scent. Spray or dab instead and let it settle.

Reapply If Necessary

cologne for men

Some colognes should be spritz-sprayed throughout the day, while others are best left alone. Don’t carry a backup bottle of your chosen scent if it lasts all day. But if you need to reapply in the middle of a day then it might be a good idea to carry a travel-sized version in your wallet.

Storing Cologne

cologne for men

Proper storage will help your cologne last longer. Noxious things like heat, light and humidity will degrade a scent. Store your bottles in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight. Bathroom cabinets may feel convenient, but they can fluctuate in both temperature and humidity.


cologne for men

A man’s cologne doesn’t just smell good. It’s a part of his grooming arsenal. When you know what goes into a fine fragrance, when to wear it, how to wear it, and how to store it, then you can use your cologne to subtly and effectively boost your personal presence. Knowing about cologne is part of your education in style. The right fragrance for you is the final element in a man’s style palette. It’s your signature scent. It’s a declaration that you’re a sophisticated man of taste and discernment.

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