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Seasonal perfume scent trends

Seasonal perfume scent trends

Seasonal perfume scent trends

Trends in seasonal perfume scent can depend on current fashion, the popularity of notes, and changing preferences, but some recurring trends (some of which I have compiled here) can be observed.

These are perfumes that are structured, often deliberately curated, for specific times of the year – we’ll call them ‘seasonal perfumes’. They’re inspired by the seasons and the changing weather, the scents, and the prevailing moods we associate with these times of year. Seasonal perfumes can demonstrate the use of notes and accords that help a perfumer’s composition achieve seasonal qualities, moving from one mood to another. Seasonal perfumes have a great deal to teach us, and may be a rich addition to your fragrance library. They can help you match your scent with a mood or an atmosphere or a season.

1. Spring: Floral scents are usually very popular in spring, and rose, jasmine and peony are common fragrance notes in spring, because they are light and fresh. Citrus and green notes are also popular.

Warm and Sunny

Seasonal perfume scent trends

Light and Airy

Spring fragrances reference an awakening and emergence. They tend to be airy and light, with notes reminiscent of spring flowers, soft breezes and buds, blooms and new life. Think light florals, green, citrus and dewy fruit.

2. **Summer:** In summer, the scents people go for tend to be refreshing and uplifting. They like citrus, fruity-or tropical notes, including grapefruit, coconut, mango, and light florals.

Summer scents are bright, vibrant and energizing – they are the perfect accompaniments to long days in the sun, and excursions at the beach – any fruity, aquatic, tropical floral, and coconut notes would suit.

3. **Fall/Autumn**: With cooler temperatures, warmer, spicer notes become more widely-used. Notes like vanilla, cinnamon, amber and musk are common to fall fragrances. Woodsy and oriental fragrances are also more common.

Spicy and Earthy

Fall scents reflect the warm, comforting and indoorsy qualities of the season. The scents themselves typically highlight the cool air, falling leaves and warm colours of the season. Think of spices, woods, warm florals and earths.

4. **Winter**: Richer and denser notes with carnal and balsamic tinges predominate, like oud, patchouli, and leather, as well as fleshy berries; these are the most popular notes in winter. There are also rich and indulgent gourmand notes, such as chocolate, caramel and spices.

Rich and Indulgent

Seasonal perfume scent trends

Rich, warm, decadent – the notes in winter fragrances bring to mind thick blankets, cosy evenings spent by the fireplace, the fragrances of holiday spices plucked from a tree or picked out of the snow. Think of vanilla notes, gourmand notes, woody notes, spicy and resinous notes.

Year-Round and Adaptable

Seasonal perfume scent trends

In a field of universal pepperonis, some scent hues – variations, not variations on a theme – are more plastic than others; that is, while maintaining consistent olfactory materials, they are seasonally neutral enough to be worn in the summer or fall, spring or winter, serving as a kind of olfactory place-holder for in-between times. A cleansing, ‘fresh’ note might accentuate a floral’s coolness in the summer; in the winter, that same note might boost a sweeter cinnamon’s ‘seasoning’ quality. A wintergreen’s slightly sour note can rework a sun-warmed lavender’s coolness in the heat of summer, while a muggy floral’s bergamot note can project the coolness of mint in hot weather. A carefully selected, seasonally neutral perfume can add or reconstitute seasonal qualities that might otherwise get lost.

Seasonal perfume scent trends

Note: these are only trends and personal preference might play a bigger role in choosing a perfume. You can also try different smells and scents to decide which one is the best for you!

Seasonal perfume scent trends

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