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The Difference between Perfume and eau de toilette

The difference between Perfume and eau de toilette

The distinction lies in the concentration of perfume oil. There tends to be 8% – 12% perfume oil in eau de toilette. In contrast, you’ll find eau de parfum has a higher concentration of 12% – 18%. So, as a general rule of thumb, eau de parfum will always contain more perfume oil than eau de toilette.

There are two types of fragrance used by majority of the people in regular basis. It is perfume and eau de toilette. Both are used in order to add some portion of fresh smell to the body. However, both of them are having large differences in their main objective. Those differences can be seen in the area of concentration of the scent, its duration and the goal for which they are produced.


Difference between Perfume and eau de toilette

Another difference between perfume and eau de toilette is the ratio of oils to alcohol in these parfum sprays, which is generally as follows: perfume: 15-30 per cent; eau de toilette: 5-15 per cent. The higher ratio of oils to alcohol in perfume produces a more concentrated mist and more pronounced fragrance that lasts longer on the skin than eau de toilette. The lower ratio of oils to alcohol in eau de toilette creates the more subtle fragrance used on a daily basis.


Difference between Perfume and eau de toilette

Because they’re more concentrated, perfume will also last much longer on the skin compared with eau de toilette. Thanks to their density and the higher percentage of aromatic compounds, perfumes have more notes and components to offer and therefore will mostly last way longer than an eau de toilette, up to eight hours or more. An EDT, on the other hand, can also be a pleasant alternative as well, because it’s lighter and will usually totally dissolve in a couple of hours, after which the fragrance will mostly disappear from your skin, whereas a perfume will stay intact, which makes eau de toilette a great choice for daytime wear when you don’t want a perfume that totally overwhelms your surroundings.

**Intended Use:**

Difference between Perfume and eau de toilette

A second difference is the intended use: perfume is most often seen as a luxury fragrance that has been made with a higher concentration and is long-lasting, reserved for date night, formal events, and special occasions and as the fragrances used to create these are potent and long-lasting, this helps make it last. A more comfortable and everyday use is an eau de toilette. It is more suited to the general daily use, going to work, school or social gatherings. Its lighter profile allows for the use on trips, more casual uses and the lighter saved scent profile makes it great for day-to-day use where you don’t want to impose an overwhelmingly strong scent on others.


Difference between Perfume and eau de toilette

Differences in concentration and longevity explain, in part, why perfume tends to be more expensive than eau de toilette (because it contains a higher concentration of aromatic compounds, made up of more raw materials, which leads to a longer production process). Eau de toilette remains relatively affordable and convenient – and often more popular than their concentrated variants – since they consist of a lighter, less dense composition.

In conclusion, perfume and eau de toilette are both made to perfume the body, but the two products are very different in terms of concentration, persistence, uses and price. Regarding the first two characteristics it is clear that the price of perfume is higher only because of the lower quantity that is obtained in reality, and because to have and taste perfume is an expensive luxury accessible to a limited number of people, who prefer the products with infinite persistence. The perfume is for special occasions. The product to which everyone has access is scent, versatile and economical when used as eau de toilette.

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